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Bloom. Grow.

the sun forces me to stretch

to reach my fingers to the sky

and pray for nourishment

Bloom. Grow.

with water

I feel replenished

with love

I am whole

Bloom. Grow.

short in height

petals twisted and awry

I am picked

why me?

why now?


Why do I steal the wealth of plants around you?

the need of validation leads to


the renovation of creation

in my genetic information

Bloom. Grow.

I cannot.

no longer supported.

I stand alone.

A rose blooms twice

but after a fall

my bloom left me vulnerable

with nothing at all.

I smile with petals

a grin behind sorrow

I hide all my flaws

I’ll show them tomorrow.

With poison I live

standing one more day,

until time kicks in

and my flaws extend their stay.

Petal by petal,

exposure is near

I kneel before my lord,

my praying he hears.

I gave all I had

to be the best

I lie on the wayside,

softly put to rest.

Cut, we are

if beauty’s exposed

outside and in

without any clothes

The happiness given

gives us worth

yet here I lay

decomposed in dirt

To wish to be ugly

ordinary and plain

is to wish for a life

of waiting in vain

Love your flower

was chosen at birth

stretch out your legs

and into the earth

So which flower would you be?

none of it matters

don’t you see?

Lauded like laurels, or an iris in bloom

your petals can shine

if you shine in the gloom.

By Daniel Robinson.

Vitality: A Portrait Series 2.0

Vitality: A Portrait Series 2.0